Reasons To Join

What We Do

What you can expect from these events

Cruise – In’s / Car Shows VIP and other area Clubs’ Cruise-In’s offer a great opportunity to “Show Off” your Corvette including the labor of love your attention-to-detail and maintenance shows. Cruise In’s also provide the opportunity to see other great examples of the American Icon.
Corvette Outings Not that you need an excuse to get your Corvette out of the garage for a little spin… but our dinners out, ice-cream nights and one-tank cruises make it a little more special by having other friends and Corvettes join in the fun.
Monthly Meetings Dinner with friends… A chance to kibitz with other Corvette owners… Learn about our Club happenings and plans. Express your opinion, share a story and hear from others about our upcoming events.
Summer Picnic Relax, refresh, cool down, tip one, play games, eat – eat – eat and fun – fun – fun. And a little Corvette talk, too!
Information Sharing Our diverse membership includes owners of all Corvette generations, many of whom are knowledgeable sounding boards and excellent sources of advice for you and your Corvette.
Road Trips Stretch the legs of your Corvette over some of the most scenic roads in the Country and have a chance to blow some carbon out of Nellie, too!
Community Service Our Club effort raises and donates a sizable sum to the Double H Ranch for children with serious illness. Our generous membership also chooses a local charity to support during the Season of Giving. Our Club enters many local parades to entertain and delight people in our surrounding communities.
Holiday Party Celebrate the Season with a chance to dress up and have a great meal with all your friends… Dance a little and have a toast or two.